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Jan. 13 - Yvette Clevish

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To Our Fellow Jette Lake Residents / Friends / Neighbors: 
Light A Candle

      Every year at about this time, the world lights a candle to Peace.  It is a universal gesture, immune to politics.  It pays tribute to no narrow philosophy, materialistic or messianic.  The candle, when lit by people of good will, serves the good that is in us all; it cauterizes all that in us is evil.
      To every force arrayed in anger against an opposing force in the world, the candle’s message is simple:  “The sum of the good you share in your hearts is far greater than those evils that seek to divide you.”
      The candle, when ignited, does not detonate.  It illuminates.  It doesn’t challenge the heavens in a thundering roar.  It makes its plea in a steady flame, reflected in the eye of a wondering child, or the squint of an elder who has seen it all.
      The candle graces the menorah as it fits the tree.  It is at home in all the windows of the world.  Its reassurance cannot be measured.
      For the good news is that Peace is not to be found in the frantic mathematics of the megaton.  It reposes, calmly, in the Magic of the candle.Bob & Linda Granzow
Light a candle to  
  Peace this season.
     - Author Unknown

We Wish Everyone A Very Hale And Hearty Holiday Season And All The Best In 2009 !
                  Many Happy Returns,
                          - Bob and Linda Granzow

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Jan  2009  Personal  Announcements


Good Neighbor Of The Month      (Click photo)

Good Neighbor Of The Month - Jim Hadley
Jim (and Susan) Hadley
Susan runs the "mini-mover"

"You Da Man" (as in Snowman persons)
Many "thanks" from the East Park crowd!

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Sorry, nothing else very "personal" to report
 this month. 

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Who had a harrowing experience negotiating our airports during our recent snow storms?

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